Stemis Ltd

Distributor of Eaton-MTL
in Bulgaria 

 The company Stemis Ltd is a distributor of EATON Electric Ltd - the former MTL Industries, for the products for intrinsic safety and overvoltage protection. Stemis EOOD was established in 2009, previously since 1992 as PF SMS-Steve Staykov for MTL Instruments.
Eaton Electric, like former MTL Instruments, is a leader in the development of intrinsically safe interfaces. EATON-MTL's engineering solutions meet the requirements of ATEX standards for explosion protection by intrinsic safety and for functional safety SIL up to SIL3 level. The products are used in controling processes in explosive hazrdous atmospheres as part of centralized or distributed automation.

Series MTL1000

Signal conditioner for non Ex applications mounted on Din-rail

MTL4600 Isolators

Backplane Mounted Isolators for non Ex application for signal conditioning

Motor Protection

Motor Purge Systems

Enclosure Purge Systems

Several Purge Systems

Packaged Solutions

Room Pressurization Systems

Intrinsic safe valves

frictionless intrinsic safe valves

  • Sofia, Sofia-Capital, Bulgaria


  •   2023-5-31 01:08 PM

MTL4599 - MTL5599

  •   2023-5-29 10:34 PM

MTL4582B - MTL5582B

  •   2023-5-29 10:32 PM

MTL4581 – MTL5581

  •   2023-5-29 10:31 PM