MTL830C Temperature Multiplexer system

MTL830C Temperature Multiplexer system

 The Crouse-Hinds series MTL830C multiplexer system with Modbus® outputs provides a cost-effective alternative to single-loop isolation. The cost of installed wiring is reduced by up to 50% by communicating the input of multiple hazardous-area sensors over a single twisted pair data highway. Further savings are achieved by reducing the number of inputs to the host, which improves cabinet space and weight. A multiplexer transmitter, mounted in the hazardous area, caters for thermocouple, RTD and mV analogue inputs.

Two compatible safe-area receivers provide easy integration of Modbus® outputs into PLC, PC or DCS controllers. The MTL838C Modbus RTU receiver supports redundant serial interfaces and the new MTL838C-MBT Modbus TCP receiver supports Ethernet connectivity.

FCS-9616/9632 MTL Process Junction Boxes provide ideal enclosures for mounting MTL831C temperature multiplexer transmitters in harsh and hazardous environments. They offer plenty of space for termination and wiring, making it easy to install and maintain the fieldbus system.


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