MTL4500 Isolators


MTL4500 Backplane Mounted Isolator

The MTL4500 range of backplane mounting intrinsic safety isolators offers an innovative solution for protecting electrical signals in potentially flammable or other hazardous areas. Helping to ensure a safe work environment and protects those nearby from explosion risks.

With industry leading features and performance in a single package, MTL4500 utilises innovative planar transformer technology at its heart and extensive automation in construction. It is designed with the requirements of system vendors in mind, for ‘project focussed’ applications such as Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD) and Fire and Gas monitoring (F&G). 

With fast module installation, easier system integration, improved performance from low-power circuit designs and more I/O channels in each module giving the highest packing density on the market plus 3 port isolation as standard.